Damon halliday

Lead Pastor

Damon Halliday, Pastor of The Key demonstrates a keen ability to provide practical Biblical truths that are applicable for everyday life.

Through the counsel and example of his godly father in ministry the late, Dr. E.K. Bailey, Pastor Halliday learned to trust and obey God’s Word. At the age of 32, Pastor Halliday received a clear call to the ministry, which later led him to attend Criswell College in Dallas, Texas.
Pastor Halliday served as Associate Pastor of Evangelism and Missions at Concord Baptist Church. For 3 years he conducted Corporate Bible Studies for American Airlines at Alliance Maintenance Base with 75 people in average attendance. He also led a corporate bible study for the Federal Aviation Administration titled “Thirsty Thursdays”.
Pastor Halliday’s messages provide instructional teaching for personal and spiritual growth with a focus on prayer, evangelism, discipleship and fellowship. Pastor Halliday fervently believes the Bible to be the inerrant Word of God, a belief strongly reflected in his teaching.

With the increasing dedication and deepening commitment of its members, Pastor Halliday believes the potential for The Key is unlimited. Renewal, revival, restoration and reconciliation are taking place on a broader scale and deeper level than ever before. Spiritual leaders, men, women, and families are emerging in ways “never” before witnessed. To make life even richer, God is doubling The Key's membership every year in these days of declining interest in the church. 

Pastor Halliday has been married for twenty-nine years to Antoinette, who is a graduate of Shaw University in Raleigh, North Carolina. Sis. Halliday is a VP of Marketing for her company, where she has been employed for 20 years.  Pastor and Antoinette Halliday are the proud parents of two daughters, Destiny 18, and Ebony 24.

Antoinette halliday

First Lady

Women’s Ministry - Sis. Halliday
Marriage Ministry - Sis. Nicole Green

doug traylor


Children's Ministry - Sis. Matrice Raven
Youth Ministry - Ebony Halliday

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Finance Ministry - Deacon Cedric Kirk
IT Ministry – Deacon Jason Green
Social Media - Ebony Halliday

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Usher Ministry - Sis. Gina Brown
Jr. Ushers - Sis. Synethia Turner
New Members Ministry - Deacon Eric Rushing
Baptismal - Sis. Karen Waldon
Communion - Sis. Karen Waldon 

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A/V Ministry – Deacon Charles Jeter
Set Up Ministry – Deacon Derek Cagnolatti
Parking Lot & Security - Deacon Tim Ramsey
Photography Ministry - Deacon James Thuo